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Arborvitae Biologics has developed innovative perinatal tissue extractions and processes, which allow our product offerings to be of the highest cellular bioavailability and safety standards.

With these safety and quality standards, VitaeShot® is the top perinatal tissue allograft in the field of regenerative medicine.


Our flowable tissue allograft biologics are comprised of carefully selected, safety tested, perinatal tissue from live, healthy human births.

Our flowable tissue allograft biologics are comprised of carefully selected, safety tested, perinatal tissue from live, healthy human births.

Umbilical cord tissue with Wharton’s Jelly and placental tissue are meticulously harvested and safely processed to provide optimal outcomes. Our products contain the highest therapeutic quality bio-components, assisting with improved patient outcomes.

The proprietary donor tissue screening, harvesting, and processing protocols protect and preserve the therapeutic value and set Arborvitae Biologics apart from other products with respect to concentration, bioavailability, efficacy, and patient outcomes.

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Placental tissue flowables promote regeneration with anti-inflammatory properties (active biologics, including cytokines & growth factors, exosomes, microRNA, etc.), which may limit the development of fibrotic scar tissue formation.

Placental tissue is micronized into a flowable from perinatal products resulting from healthy live birthed babies.

Placental tissue has similar regenerative characteristics as stem cells since it possesses the ability to create a cellular cascade (paracrine signaling) recruiting the body’s own precious stem cells.

This means that this cellular cascade either makes new cells that are the same, or they make cells that can change into the type of cell that the body needs, where the body needs it.

They can be used for painful and degenerative conditions requiring homologous graft for the purpose of repair or regeneration. Human placental membrane may have a profound impact on tissue inflammation and fibrosis and is a protective barrier as needed. These graft tissues are shown to be immune-privileged, without risk of graft failure or rejection, which can lead to fibrosis.


The umbilical cord contains an inexhaustible, noncontroversial source of stem cells for therapy. Umbilical Cord Tissue is considered by thought leaders in biomedical research to hold the promise of innovation in regenerative medicine.

Due to Wharton’s Jelly MSCs rate of growth, immune-privileged status, non-tumor-making property, and lack of ethical concerns, cord tissue is an ideal MSC and stem cell-stimulating source.
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These sources contain extracellular matrix (ECM) structural components, Stem Cells (MSCs) and growth factors for the efficient regeneration of injured or degenerated tissue through the replacement of cells which are identical to the original tissue.

The cells in the Wharton’s Jelly of the cord contain MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells or Medicinal Signaling Cells) and have shown the ability in studies to evolve into tissue cells. The Extracellular Matrix contains a high concentration of collagens, providing an effective biomechanical scaffold, containing various growth factors connective proteins and bioactive molecules.


Arborvitae Biologics distinguishes itself in the regenerative medicine industry with a high concentration of therapeutic bio-elements and non-invasive processing. Our scientists conduct basic and applied research in the field of Stem Cell Biology with the long-term goal of harnessing the properties of stem cells for regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Our proprietary processing protocols protect and preserve the therapeutic elements from donor tissues and set VitaeShot® apart from competitors’ products with respect to bioavailability, concentration, and efficacy. The products are safely and conveniently provided in a cryopreserved state.
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Regenerative Medicine and human tissue-based therapies are already improving the lives of patients suffering from damage to tissues resulting from injury, disease, or age. The rapid expansion of scientific knowledge offers great promise for continuing advances in this field of regenerative biologics.

As research moves forward, the opportunities for more extensive patient treatments is continuing to grow at a rapid pace daily. Regenerative medicine using perinatal derived products has been proliferating and will continue to grow at a fantastic pace.

More and more physicians are making this new and exciting branch of modern medicine a part of their practices to better serve the needs of their patients. Arborvitae Biologics provides the highest quality products to help improve the lives and well-being of patients through regenerative medicine with the highest, most pure content, including growth factors, cytokines, secretomes, exosomes, and microRNA.