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Our Story

Arborvitae Biologics’ history goes back to 2003 as the Human Genome Project completed the human genetic code, and information on gene expression and anti-aging became available.

Before that time, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medical research became prolific, and the learnings from each school of thought nourished the other. It was a time of escalating scientific advances in cell biology and advancing regenerative medicine.

With these advances, and learnings from Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, innovations in harvest and processing protocols were developed. The fruits of these labors and Key Opinion Leader Advisory Board member consultations resulted in the present-day products’ bioactive ingredient composition of allogenic perinatal tissues that provide minimally manipulated stem cell-derived products of the highest quality.

Today Arborvitae Biologics LLC. continues to innovate with a constant focus on product improvements and excellence, as well as FDA (Federal Drug Administration) compliance. VitaeShot® is processed via donated human tissue from full-term live, healthy birthed babies.

The ArborVitae Biologics sales and marketing team are committed to helping you leverage patient outcomes and the value of your practice by delivering the best in product information as well as honest, helpful and friendly customer service together with quality products.