Product Overview

Flowable Amniotic Tissue Allograft

  • VitaeCyte is a non-surgical option for patients.
  • VitaeCyte is collected during a scheduled cesarean section
  • VitaeCyte is derived solely from full-term pregnancies.
  • VitaeCyte is derived only from a pre-screened and tested, healthy pregnancy.
  • VitaeCyte is intended for homologous use in various applications.

Product Information

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Patient Brochure

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Product Description

What is VitaeCYTE

VitaeCyte, a cryopreserved amniotic fluid, Wharton’s jelly, ECM allograft, minimally manipulated via the AnuSureTech proprietary process, maintains the functions of placental tissue containing extracellular matrix and bioactive cytokines (growth factors, chemokines). It is the combination of the amniotic fluid, Wharton’s jelly, and extra-cellular matrix (ECM), cytokines, their immunomodulatory effect and their anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, tissue regenerative attributes that make their use in regenerative medicine highly effective and safe, providing significant value in pain control, orthopedic pathologies, organ system pathologies.

Key Benefits

  • Contains intracellular messengers, exosomes, secretomes and miRNA
  • Contains hyaluronic acid, in the naturally occurring amniotic fluid
  • Contains a full spectrum of growth factors
  • Clinical outcomes have shown tremendous success
  • No adverse events have been reported
  • Amniotic solution contains Wharton’s jelly and amnion membrane epithelial cells
  • Full spectrum of growth factor proteins
  • Contains Cytokines
  • Contains collagen substrates

Cellular Components

  • Pluripotent PMSCs (Medicinal Signaling Cells)
  • Fibroblasts (bFEF, PDGF) – demis regeneration
  • Keratinocytes
  • Epithelial cells (EGF, KGF) – faster re-epithelialization
  • Endothelial (VEGF, bFGF) – vascularization
  • Host Stem Cells (SDF-1, IGF-1, epithelial, endothelial, neural) – Regulate MMPs/TIMPs